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Persuit of Happiness

Everyone wants it all
But all I want is good grades
It’s more than a paper marked with a messy scrawl
This is a reflection of my future that will never fade

I try so fucking hard
Yet I get a satisfactory mark in return
Do tell me, do you like to catch me off guard
Soon as I think it’s healing, you splash cold water on my burn

Give me good grades that will treat me well
And won’t have a crush on my friends
Life’s never fair; it’s more unfair than you can tell
So get me those damn marks to make amends

All I know is I’m on my pursuit to happiness
And only thing that will be there for me in the end is my grades
They’ll get me a job; they’ll make me laugh; they’ll support me with their bigheartedness

They won’t ignore me,
use me and shave off the lining of inspiration and hope in my head
with their blades of ignorance and indifference to see
the things they left unsaid, and never pay the price for what they should have done instead



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