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Happy New Year Quotes

"Every man should be born again on the first day of January. Start with a fresh page. Take up one hole more in the buckle if necessary, or let down one, according to circumstances; but on the first of January let every man gird himself once more, with his face to the front, and take no interest in the things that were and are past." – By Henry Ward Beecher
"Yesterday, everybody smoked his last cigar, took his last drink and swore his last oath. Today, we are a pious and exemplary community. Thirty days from now, we shall have cast our reformation to the winds and gone to cutting our ancient shortcomings considerably shorter than ever." – By Mark Twain
"ach age has deemed the new-born year
The fittest time for festal cheer." – By Walter Scott
"Good resolutions are simply checks that men draw on a bank where they have no account." – By Oscar Wilde
"When then is lost, as time is by,
we look upon the yearly wine
to see our substance in the lees.
Did tribe and purse most pleasing leave?
To look for clear and faithful sense,
that gives a bodied stance bouquet,
then see the vat at mirror’s face
and find in it, the yearly pace." – By E. Marshall, Vintner Epilogue

Another Fresh New Year Is Here

“Another fresh new year is here . . .

Another year to live!

To banish worry, doubt, and fear,

To love and laugh and give!

This bright new year is given me

To live each day with zest . . .

To daily grow and try to be

My highest and my best!

I have the opportunity

Once more to right some wrongs,

To pray for peace, to plant a tree,

And sing more joyful songs!”

A Christmas Greeting

Sure hope you don’t think this greeting is late
Cuz the Spirit of Christmas we celebrate
With joy in our hearts, as we ponder the love
Our God and Father was sent from above
Jesus is the reason we create such a fuss
our Emmanuel is born, yes, God is with us
This joy can’t be contained in one day only
So Christmas has 12, that we might savor it slowly!


Glena F Mc Kinley

Christmas Adam

Twas’ two days before Christmas
and all through Aunt Ova’s house,
all happiness ran amuck
for such a clatter did arouse.
Uncle Robert reads the paper
and the rest watch TV.
The ladies are in the kitchen.
It’s all tradition you see.
Oh yeah, the men do some work too
as we put up some window blinds.
But there are football games on
and the cooks now seem to pay no mind.
Yet today has special meaning
in this grateful happy family.
One created by a member
just as simple as can be.
Like Adam before Eve
one tradition is now borrowed.
Christmas Adam is today.
Christmas Eve comes soon tomorrow.
They say Aunt Beth is the installer
of this new holiday.
Because of her we have plenty more
to enjoy until Christmas Day.


Juan Manuel Perez

The Christmas Soldier

‘Twas the night before Christmas,
he lived all alone
in a one bedroom house
made of plaster and stone.
I had come down the chimney
with presents to give,
And to see who
in this home did live.
I looked all about
a strange sight did I see,
No tinsel, no presents,
not even a tree.
No stockings by the mantle,
just boots filled with sand,
on the wall hung pictures
of far distant lands.
With medals and badges,
awards of all kinds,
a sober thought
came through my mind.
For this house was different,
it was dark and dreary,
I found the house of a soldier,
once I could see clearly.
The soldier lay sleeping
silent, alone,
curled upon the floor
in this one bedroom home.

Christmas in Heaven

I see the countless Christmas trees, around the world below, With tiny lights, like heaven’s stars, reflecting on the snow.
This sight is so spectacular, please wipe away that tear, For I am spending Christmas, with Jesus Christ this year.
I hear the many Christmas songs, that people hold so dear, But the sound of music can’t compare with the Christmas choir up here. For I have no words to tell you, the joy their voices bring, For it’s beyond description to hear an angel sing.
I know how much you miss me, I see the pain inside your heart, But I am not so far away, we are really not apart.
So be happy for me, dear ones, you know I hold you dear, And be glad I’m spending Christmas, with Jesus Christ this year.
I send you each a special gift, from my heavenly home above, I send you each a memory, of my undying love.
For after all "Love" is the gift, more precious than pure gold, It was always most important, in the stories Jesus told.
So please love and help each other, as my Father said to do, For I cannot count the blessings, or the love He has for you.
So have a Merry Christmas, and wipe away that tear, For I am spending Christmas, with Jesus Christ this year.
I can’t tell you of the splendor, or the peace here in this place, Can you imagine Christmas, with our Savior, face to face?
I’ll ask Him to lift your spirit, as I tell Him of your love, So then pray for one another, as you lift your eyes above.
So please let your hearts be joyful, and let your spirits sing, For I am spending Christmas in heaven, and I’m walking with the King!

Author Unknown

Merry Christmas, Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas, Merry Christmas
it’s a song heard in the wind.
It’s a candle lit in windows
let this Holy Time begin…
to enlighten – Sweet Devotion!
All emotions are set free.
Glory, Glory! Christmas Story!
Sing your hymns and lullaby
to the Heavens with the Angels
Alleluia, Lord on High!
Alleluia, Alleluia with the Angels we can fly
with the Church Bells in the steeple
ringing praises to the sky.
Raising voices, celebration, exaltation –
Christ we cry!
Oh! Redeemer, Prince of Peace,
this we pray, cannot deny –
You are King and our Salvation
Preparation – Lord Most High
Hear our prayers, our thanksgiving
humbly offered, tender, heard.
All Our love, Our adoration
Baby Jesus, Lord and Word
Souls sent soaring!
Joy uplifted, Reverence blessed,
the Poem stirred!
You are King, God,
Son and Father
You are Light! His Holy WORD
Born of the Father On this evening
through Mother Mary,
sweet Child of Thine!
Savior of Us, to mankind given
Of Thy Love Lord,
this Child Divine!
Merry Christmas, Merry Christmas!
Happy Birthday, Christ we cry!
Sweet Remembrance
of Our Savior,
Baby Jesus, Christ Most High!


Linda A Copp

Because of Christmas Day

When the December comes
When the white snow cover our lands
My heart is filled with joy
because this is the month for Christmas
When the carols are being sung
When the Christmas trees are brighten the house
When the stockings are overflowing under the tree
When everyone’s face is glowing to open the gifts
My heart is filled with joy
When the cities are decorated with lights
When the snow flakes are softly falling on my head
When my family dance and walk around streets
When our friends visit our home for dinner
My heart is filled with joy
This blessed Christmas joy within our hearts
and celebrate throughout the world
to observe the birth of Christ


Ravi Sathasivam

A Parents Night Before Christmas

Twas the night before Christmas when all through the house
I searched for the tools to hand to my spouse.
Instructions were studied and we were inspired,
In hopes we could manage "Some Assembly Required."
The children were quiet (not asleep) in their beds,
While Dad and I faced the evening with dread:
A kitchen, two bikes, Barbie’s town house to boot!
And, thanks to Grandpa, a train with a toot!
We opened the boxes, my heart skipped a beat….
Let no parts be missing or parts incomplete!
Too late for last-minute returns or replacement;
If we can’t get it right, it goes in the basement!
When what to my worrying eyes should appear,
But 50 sheets of directions, concise, but not clear,
With each part numbered and every slot named,
So if we failed, only we could be blamed.
More rapid than eagles the parts then fell out,
All over the carpet they were scattered about.
"Now bolt it! Now twist it! Attach it right there!
Slide on the seats, and staple the stair!
Hammer the shelves, and nail to the stand."
"Honey," said hubby, "you just glued my hand."
And then in a twinkling, I knew for a fact
That all the toy dealers had indeed made a pact
To keep parents busy all Christmas Eve night
With "assembly required" till morning’s first light.
We spoke not a word, but kept bent at our work,
Till our eyes, they went bleary; our fingers all hurt.
The coffee went cold and the night, it wore thin
Before we attached the last rod and last pin.
Then laying the tools away in the chest,
We fell into bed for a well-deserved rest.
But I said to my husband just before I passed out,
"This will be the best Christmas, without any doubt.
Tomorrow we’ll cheer, let the holiday ring,
And not have to run to the store for a thing!
We did it! We did it! The toys are all set
For the perfect, most perfect, Christmas, I bet!"
Then off to dreamland and sweet repose I gratefully went,
Though I suppose there’s something to say for those self-deluded…
I’d forgotten that BATTERIES are never included!

Every Day Is Christmas

Every day is Christmas
When you have the kind of mind,
That stores up all the goodness
And the sweetness it can find.
When you don’t need an occassion,
To spread a bit of cheer,
But just keep on a-giving,
Of yourself throughout the year.
Every day is Christmas,
With a gaily wrapped surprise,
When you’ve learned
To see the friendship,
In someone else’s eyes.
When you try a little harder,
And complain a little less,
Holding fast to all the fervor
Of the faith that you possess.
Every day is Christmas,
When you’ve found that you can be
More concerned with words like "you"
And less with "I" and "me".
When it’s fun to do a favor,
And to lend a helping a hand,
When being understood means less,
Than when you understand.
Every day is Christmas,
With a beauty deeply cast,
When you find it doesn’t matter,
If you’re first or if you’re last.
When you can face your conscience,
And be glad of what you are,
Then every day is Christmas,
With a stable and a star.

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