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I’m lost Can’t find myself Trying, failing over and over The world sees a different me My feeling, my true feelings, difficult to express, no one can see I’m drowning in my own dark, deep insides I struggle to survive Each day I try to hold on to one thing that may keep me going […]


Lost amongst the memories, even now I can’t escape this place. You set me free, but I can’t find my home. Like I’m loose in the middle of a forest, from which there’s no road of path or signs to tell me where I am. Sometimes shadows catch my eye – I think it’s you, […]


Lost in thought Lost in pain Lost in fear That you can never retain Lost trouble Lost in grief Lost in heartbreak That you can never relief Lost in sorrow Lost in death Lost in misery That you can never refresh Lost in life Lost in words Lost in everything That you can never return […]

All To War

(to the soul of every victim of war) I lost my mother I lost my father I lost my brother And lost my dreams too I lost my friends I lost my family I lost my sister And lost my will too I lost my school I lost my work I lost my city And […]

What Hurts The Most

You want to know what hurts the most? Not losing him, not that he likes one of my friends Not the way we embraced, not the way we held hands The thing that hurts the most is my heart It holds the memories that make it ache

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