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Is it to late

Late at night Thoughts Arise To why it feels No end is in site Smile I try Clearly though I want to cry Hate, Love Fear, Passion Anger, Sadness Feeling so Helpless And Worthless, unable to fight these feelings of flight Help me unburden these feelings so happiness can return by Hollie Ladd


Motionless, stationary, static, on the side of the slope am I. A solitary, secluded, singular troll caught out in the light of the day. My analysis, considerations, thoughts move as fast as my body may. I contemplate and cogitate in my ossified, fossilised, petrified state. Immobility leaves me limited, restricted, constrained while I wait. Glacial […]

Just Me

I am unique, just me No other is the same You will find I am me And only me, myself The one and only me The one and only me Is here before your eyes Singing my own sweet song Not a second hand tune Taken from someone else by Fiona Davidson


Fun… Fun… Fun… It was fun until you left It was fun until you got hurt It was fun before we started fighting It was fun until someone got in a accident I don’t want this fun to end Pali Girl S…


it’s fun to laugh outloud and giggle it’s fun to toss and turn and wiggle it’s fun to pull your sisters hair it’s fun when you know Mom’s not there it’s fun to curl your toes and walk it’s fun to write with sidewalk chaulk it’s fun to make a crazy sound it’s fun to […]

girls just want to have fun

Mom can i go to my friends party Did you do your homework Yes i did Did you wash the dishes Yes i did Did you clean your room yes i did Did you do all your chores yes i did No you can’t go to that party why no more question i just want […]

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