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Anger engulfs my spirits Thiefs have striked yet again Can they not find their own words Instead of stealing others? I write from my soul My words are not lightly written Passion comes from my fingertips as i write Can they not find their own? To steal a piece of my soul You have tried […]


Just prefix a ‘d” It’ll herald a hazard It’s so strong a menace Even saints can’t renounce It’s so quick to pour out Yet difficult to be put out It’s such a vicious disease To shut out neighbours at once Some sport a specious belief That it gives them an invincible self It’s so much […]

The Root Of All Evil

Anger, The root of all evil, Dwells in your heart. Anger, Towards me, For what I have done. As time passes, The anger grows, Until it has engulfed your, Entire mind, soul and, Your entire being. Irrationality goes hand in hand, With the anger you, Conceal in your very, Troubled heart. Irrationally you judge, Irrationally […]

Anger, Fear, Jelousy & Confusion

Anger, Fear, Jelousy and Confusion The four emotions I feel on a constant basis. From most encountered, to a waste of time Anger, Fear, Jelousy, Confusion Things I do, to only be accepted Anger When you shut me down Things I see, will you leave me? Fear That i will be lonely Things I hear, […]

Anger Feeds Upon Itself

Anger is a virus That needs not even air To propagate contagion Whenever it is shared. Anger can’t be placed in quarantine To contain its vicious spread For anger feeds upon itself And burns a flaming red. Anger is all consuming Anger does not desist From destroying sensibilites In that haze of its red mist. […]


anger is something you feel when your mad at someone anger is a feeling like no other anger is a like a vicious circle it goes around and around anger is like war bloody and cruel anger is sometimes abusive toward other people brandi reissig


Anger builds up inside of me like a volcano ready to explode The anger inside of me grows like cancer spreading fast and Destroying me But that anger has to come out some how Before it kills me and builds up inside of me There are times that is not good for me to show […]


Anger is a pattern, A repeating course, An atomic force, A super strong, never ending, energy source Anger, anger everywhere, But not a dropp of reason to friggin’ spare Kaitey Cat

My Anger

My anger wants to kill. My anger wants to spill. My anger wants to smash a wall. My anger wants to make someone feel small. My anger makes me carve my skin. My anger is locked up within. My anger is fierce and fatal. My anger isn’t stable. When my anger is out stay away. […]

Anger does not pay

Anger is red danger But a familiar stranger So It came as no surprise At the times I have paid the price More than the usual thrice Before becoming very wise The judge said I should have been put in a cage If one considers all the damage I brought on with my rage I […]

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