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Marriages Are Made In Heaven

Marriages like the registry, Are made in heaven. With the relatives, friends, Making earthly arrangements. Of beds, flowers, wedding suits, Feasts, ceremonies, betrothals. All complete to make, The pair unite in sheer bliss, Living, copulating for, Indescribable years of harmony, Love, making children, But now that separations, Divorces in huge numbers, The wedding God and […]

Marriage Views

First, marriage should be love all encompassing, total, and free. Love that grows stronger each day soft murmurs of Thee, Thee, Thee. Second, marriage should be sacrifice giving of self, regardless of reward. Gift gladly given, with open heart shielded from life’s harsh sword. Third, marriage should be commitment utter loyalty, deep to the bone. […]

On Marriage

Pessimistic views: : Marriage is a gamble! Marriage is a punishment; Marriage is an evil that Most can’t but accept. Optimistic views: Marriage is a gift of God; Marriage is a blessing; Marriage is an enjoyment, We make the best of it. Truths: Marriage is so wonderful; Marriage is so fulfilling; Marriage is so wholesome; […]

Dancing Under The Pale Moonlight

We danced a dance to last for a life time. You held me close and told me you loved me. Forever, you shall be in my heart, soul and mind I knew you wore the sweetest man, so loving and so kind, to me. We are meant to be my love and be in love […]

Lover never fails

Love is patient, Love is kind, It does not envy, it does not boast, It is not proud, it is not rude, It is not self-seeking, It is not easily angered, It keeps no record of wrongs. Love does not delight in evil, but rejoices with the truth. Love always protects, always trusts, always hopes, […]

Marriage is the union of

Marriage is the union of A greater sum than two in love. Relatives are made by vows, Relating endless fields and plows. In bringing families together, A million lives are changed forever. Go then in joy, yourselves to please: Each love shapes many destinies. by Nicholas Gordon

Marriage Is an Antidote for Time

Marriage is an antidote for time As two stop time by swearing not to change, Resisting what makes every moment strange, Removing what makes all alone and blind. In time, of course, the lovers will succumb As everything must change, including love, Granting but the grace that in them moved, Eternal, though in time an […]

You’re Invited!

A wedding is coming! Details inside. Come celebrate With the groom and the bride. There’ll be music and food, Joy and fun—come and see, And please let us know With your RSVP. by Joanna Fuchs

If I Had Married You Instead of Her

If I had married you instead of her, I would not now be seething with regret, Trapped by children, choked by dreams that were My hopes before my life turned desolate. I would not now be seething with regret For having married more for lust than love. My hopes before my life turned desolate Now […]

The Best Is Yet To Be

On your joyful wedding day, You begin a brand new life. Friends and family give their gifts To joyful husband, blissful wife. But the greatest gift you’ll ever get, A gift from heaven above, Is love forever, ending never, Everlasting love. You’ll share life’s joy and pleasure; You’ll have plenty of that, it’s true. But […]

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