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A little boy once played so loud That the thunder, up in a thundercloud, Said, “Since I can’t be heard, why then I’ll never, never thunder again!” And a little girl once kept so still That she heard a fly on the window sill Whisper and say to a ladybird, – “She’s the stillest child […]

Two and a Half

Hold him a little longer, Rock him a little more, Tell him another story (You’ve only told him four.) Let him sleep on your shoulder, Rejoice in his happy smile. He is only two and a half For such a little while!

What children know

Children know laughter They know tears Children know peace They know chaos


Children of Persia Some are the brothers of human kind And own them, whatsoever their estate; And some for, for sorrow and self- scorn

Angels Of Love

Our children are the stars of today. Our children are the joy of life. These Children are the angels of our lives. Children are a message of cheer and joy to The world. Listen to your children, have Faith and give them all the love they need. Children are our little angels of love. I […]

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