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Can I Call You Angel?

The snow fell, leaving a halo of white upon your head, and that’s when I said, "Can I call you Angel?" You looked at me with surprise, but I could see it in your eyes, and I knew. As you sang silent night, your beautiful voice put me at ease, and I asked please, "Can […]

Angel, I Won’t Forget You

I never had any idea we’d meet but I never felt so complete Sorry about age, yes I’m old But I just have this one heart Can’t be bought or sold So many feelngs does it hold It feels heavy with sadness Because it’s made of gold But to you it did unlock and unfold […]

My angel

My angel will be the one who has caught my eye, and never make me cry My angel will be the one who makes me reach for the sky, when i look deep into her eyes My angel will be the one who no matter what, makes me feel alive My angel will be the […]

Little Horny Angel

In the heaven above was a little horny Angel Now this Angel had been naughty, very naughty And was going to be sent down to earth as a penalty The angel would have to stay until it had learned it’s lesson Now this little angel had to fix it’s thorn, to get re-born The Horny […]

Sparkling Angel

Sparkling angel is what you are to me, Sparkling angel you have set me free. Sparkling angel you showed me love and light, Sparkling angel you gave me wings and took me into flight. Sparkling angel you gave me your heart, Sparkling angel we will never be apart. Sparkling angel you are full of grace, […]

Last Angel

The angel, last angel, Walks before me, The angel, last angel, Last innocent one, The angel, last angel, The one who I would hold, So she would not fall, Fall like the rest The last, lone soul, Who’s heart is still a ruby, Who’s eyes still have glee, Lone, lone angel, Lost, without knowing it! […]

One Angel

One angel, its wings spread out colliding with the speed of sound, One angel, that shone brighter than the moon cratered by eternal night, One angel, with beauty that made all the, flowers shed there pedals out of jealously, One angel, it’s hands soft and warming like the embrace of the suns nova ray’s, One […]

Little Angel

Little angel little angel Come to show your miracle Come to show your miracle Little angel little angel Come in my way with love and peace And fill my heart with pleasure Save me from sufferings of life Save me from sorrows and vice With your beautiful appearance Make my world a paradise Make me […]

On Angel Wings

On angel wings you do fly On angel wings into the sky On angel wings i do cry Because those angel wings took you away On angel wings the heralds sing Is there no such lovely thing? On angel wings you fly away. I will see these angel wings again someday When i am old […]

Black Wings

Wings as black as midnight =My misunderstood angel= Tears running down his cheeks =My sad angel= Eyes red and raw with emotion =My loving angel= Clothes torn, covered with dirt =My mistreated angel= Down on his knees =My poor angel= Blood running down his arms =My hurting angel= Cursing every god he knows =My angry […]

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