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Amazing Joy

There’s lots of fun, And we don’t mean maybe, Coming to you With your boy baby. Your life is filled With amazing joy By this adorable creature, Your baby boy. Watch him, love him, Learn again how to play, As your own inner child Comes out more every day. Take lots of time To enjoy […]

Cherish This Time`

So your baby is here! What joy and what pleasure! Now your life is expanding, To make room for this treasure. A darling newcomer To have and to hold– Her (His) smiles are more precious Than silver or gold. She’ll (He’ll) demolish your schedule Though she’s helpless and small; She’ll make her needs known, And […]

Dear Mother, Please Don’t Take Away My Baby

Dear Mother, please don’t take away my baby. I’m young, alone, my husband is in jail. But there’s a wonder in what fortune may be Given us, though time its wisdom veil. Please help me be a mother much as you are By being but a mother once removed, As I become the daughter that […]

Where Did You Come From, Baby Dear?

Where did you come from, baby dear? Out of the everywhere into here. Where did you get your eyes so blue? Out of the sky as I came through. What makes the light in them sparkle and spin? some of the starry spikes left in. Where did you get that little tear? I found it […]

A Virtue Well Tested

‘Patience, my child’ said with a loving touch to calm the little one’s restlessness, that time is not moving quite fast enough ‘Patience, my child’ said with a time tested grin to teach another of time’s leisureliness, that eventually, life will begin ‘Patience, my child’ said with a knowing heart to mend the young one […]


Baby’s Got a Bi**h Of a Booty….., And I can’t stand it……, When she ‘turn’ around….., Baby’s Got a Bi**h Of a Booty….., ‘Get’ my ‘emotion’……, Bouncin’ off the ground……, I’d always watch her……, Before she knew me……., And admire……, The classy cutie……, But now my passion….., Is startin’ to ruin me…….., As thrills and […]


At times I had been rough And sounded rather rude, That’s why the day you left, You had called me a brute! I regret my behaviour, My boss gave me the sack! Forget everything now, My baby come back! Without you my world Is no longer the same, It’s just me and no one else, […]

Before The Baby Learns To Walk

Before the baby learns to walk the baby has to crawl And every day day we live we learn something new and that applies to all That is if we are open to learning some minds are closed quite tight And the dark window to the soul will not allow in light. Some leaders of […]

A Holly Baby

A baby is delicately created days after days of the borned times goes fast baby turns its size and everyday grows brighter days waking up nights sweetly rest

‘Sleep Baby Sleep’

Sleep Baby Sleep…., You’ll be better soon…., Sleep Baby Sleep…., You’ve been ill since noon…, Your body will repair itself…., Just close your eyes…., And dream sweet dreams…, Sleep Baby Sleep…., You’ll feel better soon…., Sleep Baby Sleep…., You’ll get better soon.

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