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america progresses

America’s Cause There are so many why’s Asked of America today ‘Til the governing officials Hardly know what to say The hustle and bustle Have become wear and tear Many are struggling But, not getting anywhere. The prices are soaring Many are sad… So many are wondering If they’ve really been had The beauty of […]

Cantico del Sole

The thought of what America would be like If the Classics had a wide circulation Troubles my sleep, The thought of what America, The thought of what America,The thought of what America would be like If the Classics had a wide circulation Troubles my sleep. Nunc dimittis, now lettest thou thy servant, Now lettest thou […]

Black Man In America

Black Man In America for to long our chains held us so tight beaten down as far as the dust chained to the night Black Man In America can’t you see we free now at least physically but freedom isn’t free if we still enslaved mentally Black Man In America stand up and let your […]

America Allowed

America turned me into a prostitute The TV told me to sell my ass to be rich Philip Morris gave me a cigarette and took my lungs McDonald’s gave me a burger and took my stomach America allowed this; took my money Johnny Walker gave me a pint and took my liver Nike gave me […]

‘America Cover Up’

America why do you hate the color of my people’s skin? America why did your people take my people from our love one’s, our mother’s our friends. Is it because the color of our skin, or do you believe were not good enough to work with you yet, just be your business slaves and work […]

My America

I was thinkin’ about my country when i boarded that big plane. I turned around and i saw beauty as far I could see. I am proud to be going to help fight to keep her free. That’s the reason that i’m on my way That’s what she expects of me. Said i’d be comin […]

America Her Rise And Fall

America your kingdom calls America her rise and fall Oh America land of the free Mighty protector Of our oceans and seas With warships and carriers Patrolling the universe Escorting Kuwaiti oil tankers Enforcing the international water pact While our coastlines and boarders Are over trampled by the importation Of deadly contrabands and drugs America […]


America, is my home, my protection, God Bless America, and everyone in it, America is wonderful, and beautiful. Kayla Matias

My America

Its span is such An eagle in its flight My pulse does shriek and pound, For America- My America- Ever coasting homeward bound. To me She sweeps and soars above For ever she will be free, She is America, My America, For justice- In liberty. So great her breadth So wide her yar A beauty […]

god blessed america

god blessed america when he made the earth god blessed america when he sent his son to sacrifise god blessed america when he made us and god blessed america when he made you

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