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Failing Health

I heard about an older, widowed lady. This energetic woman loved to dance but underneath her rapture something shady had sought the Doctor, such was circumstance. "It isn’t all that serious", she told him, "but every time I dance with male friends, if I should snuggle close to one, and hold him, I break wind […]

Human’s health.

Unless you make yourself of doing things You have to do when it ought to be done Irrespective of your liking for it, To alleviate others’ sufferings You haven’t learnt anything in schools. This is the first lesson the child must be taught.. This is the last one the adult must have learnt. Knowledge and […]

HOW many of the body’s health complain,

HOW many of the body’s health complain, When they some deeper malady conceal; Some unrest of the souled, some secret pain, Which thus its presence doth to them reveal. Vain would we seek, by the physician’s aid, A name for this soul-sickness e’er to find; A remedy for health and strength decayed, Whose cause and […]

Here’s To Thy Health

Tune – “Laggan Burn.” Here’s to thy health, my bonie lass, Gude nicht and joy be wi’ thee; I’ll come nae mair to thy bower-door, To tell thee that I lo’e thee. O dinna think, my pretty pink, But I can live without thee: I vow and swear I dinna care, How lang ye look […]

A Health to Mark Twain

t his Birthday Feast With memories old and wishes new We crown our cups again, And here’s to you, and here’s to you With love that ne’er shall wane! And may you keep, at sixty-seven, The joy of earth, the hope of heaven, And fame well-earned, and friendship true, And peace that comforts every pain, […]

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