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Wedding Day

Lipstick stains on wedding days, Smiles that turned a different way. Standing there she’s waiting, waiting In pain, but always praying. Raining, pouring, Intently listening, but ignoring. Gun shots firing in the distance, Well of course she’s going to miss it. One last bullet- gone astray, Shot down on her wedding day. by Jessy Liz


Innocence lost, Relationship fragile, Happiness shallow, Love useless. Divinity nowhere, Touches ugly, Kisses bitter, Time wasted, Wedding takes place. by Aashish Ameya

Marriages Are Made In Heaven

Marriages like the registry, Are made in heaven. With the relatives, friends, Making earthly arrangements. Of beds, flowers, wedding suits, Feasts, ceremonies, betrothals. All complete to make, The pair unite in sheer bliss, Living, copulating for, Indescribable years of harmony, Love, making children, But now that separations, Divorces in huge numbers, The wedding God and […]

The Wedding Party

How special it was as family and friends, Gathered to welcome husband and wife; Happiness was felt by everyone, As they start this precious new life. Pictures taken to collect memories, To pass down for generations to come; You can see by the smiles on faces, Fun and food was enjoyed by everyone. No happier […]

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