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Dance in the Rain

Let rain fall down Wake me uo Wash my dreams away I’m coming home I just want to run out There and Dance in the rain Come on everyone Do with me We can have All fun we can I be here and Waiting for you To come and Dance in the rain With me […]

Can’t Dance

I can sway But I can’t dance I can jump up and down But I can’t dance I can do the congo line But I can’t dance I can twirl like a fairy But I can’t dance I can put a bucket on my head and spin a round But I can’t dance I can […]


“Invitation to the dance” is what I heard him say He handed me the letter and said “It’s time to play” I read the invitation and something tugged my heart A memory of the dance floor and I a work of art But I can’t dance now, it’s been too long My feet won’t keep […]

ill dance

ill dance 4 luv ill dance 4 pain i dance hopeing theres still luv 2 gain ill dance for them ill dance for me ill dance just to let the emotion see ill dance in rain ill dance in shine ill dance hopeing youll be mine ill dance then ask dance with me? dont go […]


When newly we start we head for the dance floor with all of our heart. The dancing begins, but the night’s just too short We simply can’t get enough of this sport. There’s leading and following those subtle cues. We waltz ’round the dance floor not knowing whose thoughts are whose. The music, the moves […]

‘I Dance for the Love’

I dance for the love I dance even when I feel pain I dance knowing there’s something to gain

Dance, My Little Puppets

dance, my little puppets dance for me dance, my little puppets and you shall see

i hope u dance

i hope you dance in the middle of the night when u can sleep thinkin of something that will make u dance may you take on single breath when you stand by the wal and when you see that cutie i hope u dance i hope u dance i hope you never stop danceing you […]

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