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This Is The Football Season

This is the football Season it is that time of year When men in the pub talk football as they enjoy their beer And look forward to September when one club will fly the winner’s flag The team that wins the Premiership gives their fans the right to brag. Their wives nicknamed the footy widows […]

i- Formation

I remember when I was 10, and my cousin told me about I-formation, some football code that to me was de-tenacious… I remembered the name cause it sounded sweet… I found anouther word that everyone else thoght that the meaning was peteite… To me the word I-formation is a rerpresentaion of a stupid football code… […]

The Football Match

I. O wild kaleidoscopic panorama of jaculatory arms and legs. The twisting, twining, turning, tussling, throwing, thrusting, throttling, tugging, thumping, the tightening thews. The tearing of tangled trousers, the jut of giant calves protuberant. The wriggleness, the wormlike, snaky movement and life of it; The insertion of strong men in the mud, the wallowing, the […]

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