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A Child’s Love

A child’s love is like a whisper, given in little ways we do not hear. But if you listen closely it will be very clear. They often do not say it loud, but in how they come to you… Daddy, will you play with me? Mommy, tie my shoe? The many ways they tell you, […]


A little boy once played so loud That the thunder, up in a thundercloud, Said, “Since I can’t be heard, why then I’ll never, never thunder again!” And a little girl once kept so still That she heard a fly on the window sill Whisper and say to a ladybird, – “She’s the stillest child […]

Two and a Half

Hold him a little longer, Rock him a little more, Tell him another story (You’ve only told him four.) Let him sleep on your shoulder, Rejoice in his happy smile. He is only two and a half For such a little while!

How do I love you?

How do I love you? Let me count the ways. I love you on your very best and very worst of days. I love to see you laughing and dancing in the rain; And even when you lose your shoes, I love you just the same. I love to hear you singing. I love to […]


We took it all for granted When childhood was alive We hadn’t a worry in the world When childhood was alive


Childhood is rare Unlike a bear Childhood is fun Unlike eating a bun


The most enjoying period in one’s life, Is the exciting childhood life. There is so much time for play, And also make things with clay. We make many friends, And chat away to no ends. There is no need to worry, Or to be in a hurry. There are no tensions, For we do’nt look […]

Those childhood days

Oh those beautiful childhood days I do miss them in many ways Free periods in the school when we used to roam around Cool games that we used to play in the ground Small fights with friends that lasted for short duration of time Interesting classes when we were taught the nursery rhyme School lunch […]

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