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Am I Evil?

Am i evil for believing what i do? Am i evil for not agreeing with you? Can’t i be right and you wrong, maybe your weak and im strong Am i evil for having dark skin? Am i evil for not being your twin? Can’t i be white and you black, maybe i have what […]


Once you were civil Until desire brought upon evil For the sake and love of wealth You hit good people below the belt Don’t you know what I already know? All substantial material will come and go! Evil is the enemy and is envious Evil is vengeful and vicious Evil is ill, immoral and inauspicious […]


No evil can befall me. Nothing can hurt my soul. His Heart of Love shelters me. Ah, God is so near To humanity’s sky And Divinity’s Smile Good and evil- They belong to my mental world, They belong to my external life, They belong to my moral summits. Good and evil I see them not […]

Do The Right Thing

Do no evil, See no evil, Hear no evil, Work no evil,

Feeling Evil

Evil on a night like this Evil tasting like a twisted wish Evil paralized upon the ground Evil tates the tears of fear


with just a glance a small glance into your eyes I saw your evil evil eyes and evil mind I felt it in my bones but I didn’t understand it for you looked so normal besides those evil eyes such a kind smile I thought I must be wrong for you are but a normal […]

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