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Brother and Sister

The shorn moon trembling indistinct on her path, Frail as a scar upon the pale blue sky, Draws towards the downward slope: some sorrow hath Worn her down to the quick, so she faintly fares Along her foot-searched way without knowing why She creeps persistent down the sky’s long stairs. Some day they see, though […]

One Sister have I In our house

One Sister have I in our house, And one, a hedge away. There’s only one recorded, But both belong to me. One came the road that I came — And wore my last year’s gown — The other, as a bird her nest, Builded our hearts among. She did not sing as we did — […]


Sisters – Heaviness and Tenderness- you look the same. Wasps and bees both suck the heavy rose. Man dies, and the hot sand cools again. Carried off on a black stretcher, yesterday’s sun goes. Oh, honeycombs’ heaviness, nets’ tenderness, it’s easier to lift a stone than to say your name! I have one purpose left, […]

Little Sister

As I listen to that guitar scream Sounds ring out my destiny A stronger power grabs ahold of me Shocks me with a volt of electricity My intestance explodes onto the floor Red blood begins to shadow my mind Extacy brings out a whore Her shattered innocence has made her blind Dont cry little sister […]

The Woman I Call Sister

The woman I call sister Is someone who is there The woman I call sister Is someone who always cares. The woman I call sister Can make me smile when times are blue The woman I call sister Is someone very true. The woman I call sister By choice, is my best of friend The […]


MY PERFECT SISTER My perfect sister holds me tight My perfect sister kisses me goodnight My perfect sister knows when I’m mad My perfect sister helps me when I’m sad My perfect sister is so smart My perfect sister has my heart My perfect sister is good and nice My perfect sister holds me at […]

Twa Sisters O’ Binnorie

There were twa sisters sat in a bow’r; (Binnorie, O Binnorie!) A knight cam’ there, a noble wooer, By the bonny mill-dams o’ Binnorie. He courted the eldest wi’ glove and ring, (Binnorie, O Binnorie!) But he lo’ed the youngest aboon a’ thing, By the bonny mill-dams o’ Binnorie. The eldest she was vexed sair, […]

The Two Sisters

There was twa sisters in a bowr, Edinburgh, Edinburgh There was twa sisters in a bowr, Stirling for ay There was twa sisters in a bowr, There came a knight to be their wooer. Bonny Saint Johnston stands upon Tay. He courted the eldest wi glove an ring, But he lovd the youngest above a’ […]

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