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Amazing Joy

There’s lots of fun, And we don’t mean maybe, Coming to you With your boy baby. Your life is filled With amazing joy By this adorable creature, Your baby boy. Watch him, love him, Learn again how to play, As your own inner child Comes out more every day. Take lots of time To enjoy […]

Joy Of My Heart

Dear Joy of my heart, I am weary ~ so weary of thinking of you. Memories linger in my head, memoirs start me thinking love could never be dead. I see a picture quite clearly of your two eyes of blue, I tell you now with sincerity there is no forgetting you, because I love […]


True inner joy is self – created. It does not depend on outer circumstances. A river is flowing in and through you carrying the message of joy. This divine joy is the sole purpose of life. What is joy? It is a bird that we all want To catch. It is the same bird that […]

Joy In Joy

God has created everything in twain Life – Death Love – Hate Joy – Pain And Now i crave for the other side Cuz everything has its joy Joy has its joy And Even pain has its joy But what everyone looks for Is the joy of joy But i seek for the pain The […]

A Song Of Joys

O to make the most jubilant song! Full of music-full of manhood, womanhood, infancy! Full of common employments-full of grain and trees. O for the voices of animals-O for the swiftness and balance of fishes! O for the dropping of raindrops in a song! O for the sunshine and motion of waves in a song! […]


in the forest where the phantoms seek a supposed aftereffect of a tear flavored weep I will choose not to endure under the eyelids. nor do i need a shelter. and the preacher talked about a pressure pressure…….. pressure…… pressure….. by celine charcoal

Infant Joy

I have no name: I am but two days old.” What shall I call thee? “I happy am, Joy is my name.” Sweet joy befall thee!   Pretty joy! Sweet joy, but two days old. Sweet Joy I call thee: Thou dost smile, I sing the while; Sweet joy befall thee! by William Blake

A Birthday Poem for Ligaya

With joy you work, With joy you talk, Your joy puts others at ease, Time with you they wouldn’t miss. I see your joy, when from Germany you come, laying down your presents for me, one by one, clothes, cosmetics, chocolates and cheese. your choices always right, how come? I sense your joy, when in […]

Joy of my Soul

Joy of my soul, Joy of my heart, You’ve given me love from the very start; In you I live, I move and I breathe ~ To you my whole being does cleave. Joy of my soul, Joy of my spirit, Of goodness ~ may I be drawn near it And to all that is […]

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