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The Beauty in Casting

Casting the line Across the cool, dark, still water. Watching it float in the air So gracefully Being caught by the wind Pulling it farther It slowly pushes it’s way Down into the depths Sinking… Making small waves as it descends Seeing beauty in it’s movement Makes sitting here Alone In the quietness of the […]

But I Caught Nine

She slammed the door I’d heard it before Every month she is cranky This is that time She’ll be back After a cuppa with mum A wonderful woman The peacemaker I’d been fishing They were biting So I stayed a bit longer I guess too long But Honey I caught nine You said you’d be […]


Angeline had arrived in Nova Scotia Today By boat And the boat that She traveled in from Toronto Was a fishing boat by Aldo Kraas

Your Fishing Pole

There is something about you, something in your soul something that seems to surround your fishing pole…. You moved to the coast, now that’s no lie And we had a hard time with that little goodbye But no need for heartache, no need to console You had your boat and your fishing pole. You know […]

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