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Loneliness is… The empty feeling that comes from within Loneliness is… The longing to share your thoughts and feelings with someone Loneliness is… Reaching out for open arms to find none there Loneliness is… Standing in a crowded room, but feeling alone Loneliness is… Picking up a phone, but having no one to call Loneliness […]


Despair outloud Despair and fear Its all despair when noone hears My soul is screachin

Despair Of The Early Morning

DESPAIR OF THE EARLY MORNING Despair of the early morning Despair of the darkness


I look around me, and I’m in despair. I glance at each and every corner I feel so alone. My wants and dreams for my children Just one, be not in despair Yet I see another one of my children falling thoughts of my deadly despair, getting nowhere, going nowhere. This same vicious cycle. Oh! […]

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