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It gives one many turns on the way. It is hard or easy depending on which way one chooses to go. It can be the greatest thing there is or it can be the most difficult thing there is in existence. It gives many chances for the ones that need it the most. It gives […]

I Kissed A Virtual Stranger In Real Life

I kissed a virtual stranger in real life And my life has ended as I know it. My life has been a roller coaster of sorts Ups and downs and ups in dizzying speed And I am enjoying it. I kissed a virtual stranger in real life And I took him by surprise He said […]

Ode to Life and Death

To breathe To laugh To tear To cry Mother’s kisses And father’s hugs Sisters’ talks and Brother’s cries Day and night For fourteen years I remember when I was down I said to myself and made me happy Ode to water, ode to food Ode to me, and ode to you Most of all, Ode […]

A Celebration of Life

Gather ’round and celebrate the joy that has been given. A gift of love – of flesh and blood. A tiny bit of heaven. See the wonder of it all, and marvel at the sight, Share the happiness we know, celebrate the life. Make memories of the times to come, of hours and days and […]


Foggy mist, misty fog Marvellous manifestation Of magnificent nature! Weary winter Heralds The splenderous spring! The fog Strong enough to blind Quite weak to stand The stare of raising Sun! The fog in life, problems in life Strong enough to blind Cannot stand The stare of sparkling mind! Fog deprives Physical vision Foggy mind denies […]

Life without music

Life without music is like me without music Life without music is like mickey without Minnie Life without music is like me without tv Life without music is like spongebob without Patrick Life without music is like Mr.Krabs without money Life without music is like plankton without a krabby patty Another way to say this […]


This is life People are sad People are mad People are happy People are grumpy People are dancing People are singing People are banging People are rolling This is the life that we are living in Life is what you make it You don’t have to fake it Love it or Hate it This is […]

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