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Through the darkness, through the mist I cannot find the one I trust, With pain in my heart, thoughts flooding my head, I know deep down in my heart I must. I see the belief that others hold, The truth that they perceive, The fear in their eyes of things untold, The need in them […]

Because you can

Loving Mother Supportive Friend Understanding Women Strength you have Conquer you can Anything that crosses your path Believe in yourself Because it is known You can prevail Let your past go free Let your future shine bright Achieve for yourself See the sunshine bright by Hollie Ladd

Faith And Doubt

O what is faith and what is doubt? Faith is life-sun beyond the grave. Doubt is the battle lost, within, without. A doubter cries: “Me, none can save.” by My Flute


Forever nameless Forever unknown Forever unconceived Forever unrepresented yet forever felt in the soul. by D.H.Lawrence


Can you believe it, did you miss the news Barack Obama will be wearing the presidents shoes black men living in every land believe it’s possible for something grand Instilled in everyone from the very start belief in a dream, or belief in our heart it is possible to believe it is possible to achieve […]

I Believe

I believe in one who sets me free I believe in one who heals me I believe in one who comforts me I believe in one who gives me joy I believe in one who softens my heart I believe in one who gives me everything I believe in one who leads me I believe […]

I Believe In Santa

Having faith in Santa Claus Is not for just the young, I know I’ll keep proclaiming him As long as I’ve a tongue. And even though I see the gent Unmasked before my eyes, Revealing some familiar friend Who’s donned the quaint disguise, It doesn’t change my mind a bit; I’ll still believe, because There’s […]

I Believe In Reaching Out

I believe in reaching out and touching from the heart. I believe that if we touch, a gift we can impart. I believe that if you cry your tears are not in vain. And when you are sad and lonely, others know your pain. I believe that when we laugh a sparkle starts to shine. […]

I believe in you

I believe in your rising and falling I believe in your smiles and tears i believe in your joys and pains i believe in your seed and name i believe in your sunrise and sunset i believe in your clouds and raindrops i believe in your moon and galaxy of stars i believe in you […]

Senses of love

If I could not speak nor had any arms how would I express my love for you? My kiss would convey what spoken words could never My eyes would reflect the beauty that I see in you My breath would introduce your skin to the warmth in my heart My tears would drown you in […]

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