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The Ocean

The ocean itself is a wonderful place, to chill out, relax, and have a wonderful day. Its so unbelievable you’ll have nothing to say, just listen to the waves crash right through the bay. But what lies under the ocean is the amazing coral reef, and if u haven’t seen it its far beyond your […]

I have a story to tell you

I have a story to tell you – it is about a fish and an ocean. There was a Fish in the Ocean Said the Fish to the Ocean: ‘You can’t see my tears because I’m in the water.’ The Ocean replied to the fish: ‘I feel your tears because you’re in my heart.’ I […]

Your like a ocean

Your eyes are like a ocean, Your hiar is the waves that lift the ocean, Your heart is the core of the animal ocean that feels it up with love for the lovely ocean Your ful of emotion for your own ocean Your smile just lights the ocean By the night it calm and quite […]

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