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Love Was Not Enough for Us

Love was not enough for us, Though we were much in love. We started down the well-worn path, But it was not to be. Delight was not enough for us, Nor tenderness that moved Through years of angry dissonance Towards some dark, bitter sea. Our differences were far too great, Our lives too far apart. […]

All I Ever Wanted Is to Love You

All I ever wanted was to love you As when I saw you first from far away. But then it was my sweet mistake to have you Too young to hold the demons long at bay. For years I hated you, for only hate Could cauterize the wounds that would not heal, And gorged myself […]


I will stay separate and divorce Lambasted a lady with strong force I was taken a back at once, Never heard such anger since, Was it natural out burst? Why all of sudden she wanted me to oust? Thought for a while and remained cool, Immediate reaction would be sign of fool, Never I shamed […]

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