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Amazing Joy

There’s lots of fun, And we don’t mean maybe, Coming to you With your boy baby. Your life is filled With amazing joy By this adorable creature, Your baby boy. Watch him, love him, Learn again how to play, As your own inner child Comes out more every day. Take lots of time To enjoy […]

Cherish This Time`

So your baby is here! What joy and what pleasure! Now your life is expanding, To make room for this treasure. A darling newcomer To have and to hold– Her (His) smiles are more precious Than silver or gold. She’ll (He’ll) demolish your schedule Though she’s helpless and small; She’ll make her needs known, And […]

I Promise

Baby I promise you I will always be with you, baby I promise you I will kill for you, baby I promise you I will always love you from my heart, baby I promise you that I will fight for you, baby I promise you that I will make you happy, baby I promise you […]

Baby, It’s Magic

I try to figure out why you love me, Why I still get butterflies when I’m around you Baby it’s magic Why I can still feel your lips on mine 5 minutes later, Why after all this time, we’re still together, Baby it’s magic Why I feel like nothing could ever harm me in your […]


Oh, to be lying, On a beach, Somewhere, With sand in my toes,


We are so close to the beach And because we live so close To the beach It take us only ten minutes to

Baby Can I Be Your Man

Baby can I be your man I say baby can I be your man Cause you’re the best thing that I have ever had

Baby and Me

I love my baby He’s got small hands And his dream is wide


Baby’s Got a Bi**h Of a Booty….., And I can’t stand it……, When she ‘turn’ around….., Baby’s Got a Bi**h Of a Booty….., ‘Get’ my ‘emotion’……, Bouncin’ off the ground……, I’d always watch her……, Before she knew me……., And admire……, The classy cutie……, But now my passion….., Is startin’ to ruin me…….., As thrills and […]


At times I had been rough And sounded rather rude, That’s why the day you left, You had called me a brute! I regret my behaviour, My boss gave me the sack! Forget everything now, My baby come back! Without you my world Is no longer the same, It’s just me and no one else, […]

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