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When Fishermen get together, truth they always tell, about the one that got away, the one they kept as well. They always saw the biggest fish that ever lurked in weed. It broke the line, bent the rod, a trophy fish indeed. But, like a one-armed fisherman, it’s length he could not show. He only […]

Little Fish

The little fish stayed in his pond by the ocean. He didnt won’t to swim in the big blue open ocean, he was afraid he might get eat by a big fish, so he stayed in his little pond by the ocean. Then one day a big wind came, and blowed the little guy free, […]

Some things that can happen with a fish

A fish that drinks like a fish, that is a fish in excess A fish that fishes in troubled waters, that is a fish taking advantage of another fish in trouble A fish that fishes or cuts bait, well, to be or not to be, to retreat or to attack, that is the fishy question […]

Sea Creatures

Come along, come with me, Take a dive in the deep blue sea. Put on your gear, let’s explore All the way to the ocean floor! See that snail wrapped in curls? Look! An oyster wearing pearls! Watch the octopus oh so dark, But don’t you dare to pet the shark! Dive on down, seaward […]

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