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Fishing in Winter

A man staring at a small lake sees His father cast light line out over The willows. He’s forgotten his Father has been dead for two years And the lake is where a blue fog Rolls, and the sky could be, if it Were black or blue or white, The backdrop of all attention. He […]


Winter by Lawanna Holt Winter is snowy and cold season. Christmas is in winter. Winter is when you get out for Christmas break. Winter is when you have hot chocolate with marshal mallows. Winter is the season for colds and sinus problems. Winter is when you have snow days. Winter is when you wrap up […]

Winter Is Dis

Winter is Dis For the Safeway girl Winter is discontent Winter is unrequited love Winter is in my heart forever Winter is goes into spring Winter is Winter is my heart Winter is the dart You threw at me, Erline Charles R Hice Copyright ©2006 Charles Hice Charles Hice

Winter Solstice

When you startle awake in the dark morning heart pounding breathing fast sitting bolt upright staring into dark whirlpool black hole feeling its suction Get out of bed knock at the door of your nearest friend ask to lie down ask to be held Listen while whispered words turn the hole into deep night sky […]

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