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The Rat

Hey diddle diddle the rat had a wiggle broke his hip in June The other rats laughed at him working out at the gym said he was doing too much too soon! by Cheryl Love

The Pig

In England once there lived a big And wonderfully clever pig. To everybody it was plain That Piggy had a massive brain. He worked out sums inside his head, There was no book he hadn’t read. He knew what made an airplane fly, He knew how engines worked and why. He knew all this, but […]

Keep the Cat Inside for Ten Days

If I have honored your need for freedom Above your need for care, I can only hope your wild cat soul Will feel I have been fair. How to find and keep the balance No human can fully know; But I pray you realize how fiercely I tried, And why I let you go. by […]


Silver-gray softness, you bound into my lap, mittened paws kneading. An aging motor hums, and I think of you curled around a blonde girl’s shoulders as she skated down the driveway when both of you were kittens. by Janet W. Gould


Jail A place for the criminal who broke the law The price that he has to pay for braking the law Sometimes the cell doesn’t have any window at all The criminal has lost his freedom Where is his remorse? Does he shows it? Never He never show it to others The criminal Is a […]

Kitty Kat now Gone

Kitty Kat now Gone I’m sorry about your loss, nothing is so heartbreaking than the loss of a devoted and loving heart., the heart of a beloved pet. I know how pain full it is to lose such a loyal family member and a friend. Only time will ease the griefl I hope you take […]

Haiku: The Animal Safari

Experience of The animal safari Thrilling adventure Jyoti Sunit Chaudhary

An Animal doing the Disco

An animal doing the Diso… Funky Monkey Mackenzie Davis

The Strongest Always Rule

One cannot say that an animal in any way can be cruel For in the animal kingdom the strongest always rule And in their law unlike our law there is no wrong or right The ruler always the biggest the one with the biggest bite. Because she had killed a baby possum the fellow beat […]

Cat is not animal

At my Home… Good And white… Pusey pusey Cat… {cat name -nice} Was living to me… I am how to Calling the cat…? Some budy calling Cat is animal… At my home cat was Animal…? ! ! ! ! ! ! ? ? ? No no My pusey cat Nice is One of my house […]

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