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A Coach’s Lament

After the day was over with, I wondered Why did I go to all of this trouble. I had such high hopes for the team, We were district champions and that was no dream. They looked so sharp in their brand new clothes, They knew their cases and prepared their briefs, They were ready to […]


Education is our leaders spoiled system they spend the money on other things that’s not for education they raise taxes on the people that can’t afford it to get more money and raise their own wages instead of cutting them as they should do and save money so they don’t need to raise taxes on […]

The Key to Success

Education is relevant for a person to be successful. Education empowers a person to become a leader. Great opportunities are presented to professionals. The future of a Person can be unpredictable if she lacks education; an uneducated person does not have the knowledge of what the future has to offer for her. Education is an […]

The Do Dat Man

There was a man, Who wore a fat hat And on the fat hat… It said, “Do Dat”! His wife did not like That fat hat! So she knocked it off, Revealing his fat! She yelled! “Don’t you ever… Ever wear that hat! Or tell me “Go do dat”! Cuz’ I will hit you with […]

Bad Education

Rewrite of Bon Jovi’s Bad Medicine No, there they ain’t got a fever Got what seems to be a permanent disease It’ll take more then the school nurse or PTA committee To prescribe a remedy They got loads of money But it isn’t what our kids need Seems all they ever do anymore is get […]

Hard Times (from Michigan)

In these hard times Of unreported unemployed voices Of ignored college graduates Of desperate youth As well as desperate old In these times Education is overlooked Pale profit wins over ethics Our youth gets pushed further Further away from their hard earned achievements Further away from their intricate dreams In these times Fresh bread is […]


Education is a wonderful gain, By which we can succeed when we are in need and pain. If, in our life we remain uneducated We will never attain knowledge but will remain simple stupid. Education teaches us how to become great, How to dedicate in an infinite way and to make the right choices Education […]

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