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Can I Call You Angel?

The snow fell, leaving a halo of white upon your head, and that’s when I said, "Can I call you Angel?" You looked at me with surprise, but I could see it in your eyes, and I knew. As you sang silent night, your beautiful voice put me at ease, and I asked please, "Can […]

Angel, I Won’t Forget You

I never had any idea we’d meet but I never felt so complete Sorry about age, yes I’m old But I just have this one heart Can’t be bought or sold So many feelngs does it hold It feels heavy with sadness Because it’s made of gold But to you it did unlock and unfold […]

Last Angel

The angel, last angel, Walks before me, The angel, last angel, Last innocent one, The angel, last angel, The one who I would hold, So she would not fall, Fall like the rest The last, lone soul, Who’s heart is still a ruby, Who’s eyes still have glee, Lone, lone angel, Lost, without knowing it! […]

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