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Love sways

When grey clouds fill the sky And the tides are so high Oh! Damsel don’t cry Don’t bid me bye! Bye! When the sea is so calm And the sunshine so warm Let’s join in the mood Come on make me feel good Remember I vowed to be with you always Like the trees in […]

“The Omen”

From pulpit’s ship he preached in scrimshaw days And belted out a prayer of hope and praise The seamen clung to every fervid phrase Then left New Bedford’s dock in morning haze It was the eve of his first bounty search A young lad prayed in Seaman’s Bethel Church And as he left he saw […]

Be with me

This is a ballad for the good times So put a battery in your leg Put a rock beat over anything Get it stuck there in your head You can be with me I got nothing to rely on I’ve broken every bone Everybody’s stop believing But you know you’re not alone You can be […]


When he left he swore never to return. that was the first youthful lesson he was to learn. A true adult speaks lightly of absolutes, they often come back to haunt. Besides, age provides enough of that quite on its own, alone. He saw many dusty roads, I’m sure of that, as he and Leroy […]

Little Cricket

His ballad sets the evening sun, Bidding all farewell, the day is done. While twilight ushers in the dew, Welcomed chirps, that bid adeau. Vastness of dark, and night soon came, Through wind and thunder, he still sang. My quickened heart, forever still, Little friend outside, my window sill. Hark! O’er the valley, and the […]

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