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Am I Evil?

Am i evil for believing what i do? Am i evil for not agreeing with you? Can’t i be right and you wrong, maybe your weak and im strong Am i evil for having dark skin? Am i evil for not being your twin? Can’t i be white and you black, maybe i have what […]


Once you were civil Until desire brought upon evil For the sake and love of wealth You hit good people below the belt Don’t you know what I already know? All substantial material will come and go! Evil is the enemy and is envious Evil is vengeful and vicious Evil is ill, immoral and inauspicious […]


No evil can befall me. Nothing can hurt my soul. His Heart of Love shelters me. Ah, God is so near To humanity’s sky And Divinity’s Smile Good and evil– They belong to my mental world, They belong to my external life, They belong to my moral summits. Good and evil I see them not […]


with just a glance a small glance into your eyes I saw your evil evil eyes and evil mind I felt it in my bones but I didn’t understand it for you looked so normal besides those evil eyes such a kind smile I thought I must be wrong for you are but a normal […]

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