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Faith And Doubt

O what is faith and what is doubt? Faith is life-sun beyond the grave. Doubt is the battle lost, within, without. A doubter cries: “Me, none can save.” by My Flute


Forever nameless Forever unknown Forever unconceived Forever unrepresented yet forever felt in the soul. by D.H.Lawrence


Unflinching faith is much admired To pass with dignity is what’s desired Slipping quietly away in to the light And with passed loved ones, reunite Let slip the earthly bonds, external And embrace the love of god eternal

Sonnet: Faith

A man with faith can win the world with ease; A war is won with faith in its soldiers; A leader with faith brings about world’s peace; A faithless man always has unknown fears. Strong faith can heal an adamant disease; Faith in oneself makes one self-confident; Faith in religion and God gives mind’s peace; […]

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