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Nothing To Fear But Fear Itself

Villagers scurry like ants at the howl of the chimera and the griffon’s call. Nowhere to hide from the hydra, the centaur, or the dragon. Man-eaters one and all. One man alone will stand his ground and, like a mountain, bars the way. The stance, the face, the attitude. All say he fears nothing but […]

Fear In The Middle Of The Night

Fear in the middle of the night- Fear and horrible imaginings- Fear of my life, Fear for those I love and our world, Fear in the early morning Fear and more fear- Fear broken a bit by the light, Fear broken a bit by morning prayer, Fear broken a bit by ‘learning’, Fear broken a […]


There’s nothing to fear – you’re as good as the best, As strong as the mightiest, too. You can win in every battle or test; For there’s no one just like you. There’s only one you in the world today; So nobody else, you see, Can do your work in as fine a way: You’re […]

A Fear

I’m trying not to fall in love again Been hurt once and can still remember the pain Struggled all the way to stay sane Fought thru’ despair to push away the rain For the sun to emerge and brighter days to reign No more love but a life that was simple and plain. Then you […]


I know how father’s strap would feel, If ever I were caught, So mother’s jam I did not steal, Though theft was in my thought. Then turned fourteen and full of pitch, Of love I was afraid, And did not dare to dally with Our pretty parlour maid. And so it is and always was, […]

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