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The Future

What does the future hold for us? Smog filled skies and poison cars, And broken land with useless dust And nature’s beauty behind bars. Can I ever show my children, (If they ever come my way) The beauty of a sunset At the ending of the day? Can I walk into a forest, And surround […]

Bright Future

Now that you’ve graduated Nothing can stop you now. You’ve worked hard to get your diploma; It’s time to take a bow. Congratulations graduate! Your future looks strong and bright. May you achieve the things you hope for And have a life of sheer delight.by By Joanna Fuchs

A Fear

I’m trying not to fall in love again Been hurt once and can still remember the pain Struggled all the way to stay sane Fought thru’ despair to push away the rain For the sun to emerge and brighter days to reign No more love but a life that was simple and plain. Then you […]

The Future

The future: time’s excuse to frighten us; too vast a project, too large a morsel for the heart’s mouth. Future, who won’t wait for you? Everyone is going there. It suffices you to deepen the absence that we are. by Rainer Maria Rilke

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