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You nearly drowned in the betrayal, as the crimson pigment of the butterfly wing rubbed off, dust on my warm fingertips. A delicate tear straight through an ink and sanguine web and the sky was lost to her. Folding her up into quarters, one for each letter— (you had named her Hero) — I buried […]


My hero is no hero at all. My hero silently walks these empty halls. As I falter… As I fall… My hero continues to walk these silent…empty halls, These halls are windows into my hell. Servants of Baal… Here they dwell. Frozen inequities… How fickle they are to me My hero possesses no qualities at […]

My hero

My hero is the best He is better than all the rest My hero doesn’t like to admit That he is my hero when he dose his little bit My hero has love and respect Even he is my prime subject My hero is always on my mind Even though he is smart and kind […]

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