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Dignity in the Home

All the chairs and the long brown couch just lay down on the floor in a line and the thin curtains joined them, sort of on the side or fluttering down onto them and I watched thinking this is the kind of loneliness I should’ve known about and this is nonsense: I object. But the […]


Here is home Home is home No place like home Home is where u are welcome Come home, Come back home You yearn for their zone But it can’t be your home, Your relics are here, You are only there Where you can only desire But can never acquire. They quit you when they please […]

The Child Without a Home

without a home, and i felt undeserved.. For i complained i wasn’t served, as she slept under the sky dome.. I said i didn’t like my meal, and threw it on the street.. And she came from the shadows, thanking God another wound was healed, and picked it up on her bare feet.. Her scars […]

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