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More Like Jesus

Let us be more like Jesus In everything we do; Let’s live a life of service, A life that’s fresh and new. Let’s relinquish worldly things, And not be slaves to fashion; Let’s fill our hearts with love, Forgiveness and compassion. Yes, let’s be more like Jesus, Being always in God’s will, For if Jesus’ […]

Thank You, Sunday School Teacher

Thank you Sunday school teacher For opening my eyes To the Bible and to Jesus, Life’s most precious prize. Thank you special teacher For opening my mind To God and the Holy Spirit, And for answers you help me find. Thank you Sunday school teacher For opening my heart To eternal life through salvation, The […]

Come To Jesus

Isn’t there more to life? Is this all there is? Imprisoned by our need for control, trapped by insatiable desires for worldly pleasures, we are oppressed by our desperate hunger for approval and love from everyone except the One who loves us most. Straining, fighting to release a familiar yet unknown burden, we struggle to […]


Jesus, You have been so good to me, You watch over me night and day. Blessing every step I take, While You keep the devil at bay. Thank You Jesus. You calm the storms in my life. Shelter me in a time of rain. Always staying by my side, And bearing all my pain. Yes, […]

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