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Baby, It’s Magic

I try to figure out why you love me, Why I still get butterflies when I’m around you Baby it’s magic Why I can still feel your lips on mine 5 minutes later, Why after all this time, we’re still together, Baby it’s magic Why I feel like nothing could ever harm me in your […]

Magic Never Runs Out

The words “Magic Flute” delighted me when I was small, I ran about with shiny objects as Magic Flutes, little cars as Magic Dinky Toys, a long stick covered in foil was my Magic Wand, I always carry a toy endowed with Magic Powers by me, a beautiful children’s book is my talisman, a guarantee […]

The Magic Has Gone

Frost’s fingers withdrew and let go of the world. Winter’s heart was melting away. When the wizard appeared and his magic unfurled. Reaching out to lighten our day. He did tricks to amaze, astound and delight in a world every moment less real. He kept us enthralled well into the night with the incredible and […]


You have magic in your finger tips, Magic in your eye. Magic in the arms that hold And tell me not to cry. There is magic in your voice When you talk to me each day. There is magic in your smile And in the things you say. there is magic in the way You […]

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