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The Pain I Feel Inside

The pain that I feel so deep inside, The hurt, the shame, and all the lies. People that I live with thought they would be the people that I love, With the hate, the anger, the yelling, the teasing, and the madness. The more that I cry, the more I think there is no love. […]

Innocence lost and pain gained

Innocence lost and pain gained. I lost my innocence. Not once not twice but more times than I can count. It was becuase of bastards. Bastards who wanted to hurt. I lost my innocence and gained pain. On the day you raped me. I lost everything. Lost my innocence. Lost my life. Lost my happiness. […]

Poem on Pain

The pain of the body is often bearable. Not so is the pain of the heart. HEART-PAIN AND MIND-PAIN The pain of your heart And the pain of your mind Can never be the same. Your mind’s indifference to pain Is the real proof. Your heart’s acceptance of pain Is the real proof. The difference […]

Pain of Love

Why is it that the 1 thing I care about is the 1 thing that makes me cry and doubt the meaning of my existence maybe i should drop all my defenses and destroy all my resistances maybe just fade away 4 instance

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