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The deep blue

Sand cold to the touch and soft on my feet The sea whispers in my ears a lullaby The waves gently crushing fill the air with drops of inspiration The deep blue calls my name I watch the sun as it baths in the depths Changing its colours like leaves in autumn Golden stars on […]

Alone on Sea

Alone i lay on a wooden raft Alone i stay in the dark Alone i pray to survive Alone i may not survive Alone i look out the sea Alone i wake up on the sea Alone i seek out for help Alone i may not survive Alone i eat my dry food Alone i […]

Sea Creatures

Come along, come with me, Take a dive in the deep blue sea. Put on your gear, let’s explore All the way to the ocean floor! See that snail wrapped in curls? Look! An oyster wearing pearls! Watch the octopus oh so dark, But don’t you dare to pet the shark! Dive on down, seaward […]

The Laily Worm and the Mackerel of the Sea

“I was bat seven year alld Fan my mider she did dee, My father marr{.e}d the ae warst woman The wardle did ever see. “For she has made me the lailly worm That lays att the fitt of the tree, An o my sister Meassry The machrel of the sea. “An every Saterday att noon […]

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