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Africa Our Soil

To you whose soil provides our life
The flourishing palms land of black brows’ honour.
Africa the diadem of the greatest divinity
The land of sacred radiating sun
We your children know the power of the burning sun,
Reflecting on our shinning colours.
By heavenly compulsion,
We live in the sun that they dread
And by spherical necessity,
We rest in the moon.

There is everything in our every land
Our wealth is within,
Our treasures overcome time
Oh realms of measureless depth.

Our home and succour
Who can fathom the greatness of our black beauty
Or overrun our confidence and greatness?
Come people come
We welcome all.
Come see the Africa that you dream of from far away
Home call to all who tyrant stole away
In the dispensation of colonial slavery.

The spirit of Africa is strong, bold and true
Come, our fertile climates will sustain you
Our ancestors will lay their hands on you,
The blessing of the land will overtake you
Africa our home, our soil.

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