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The South African Rain

The South African Bank

Mushroom which bare as if it has never bare from the soil
They were stupid giggling because you have take over Drankensberg Mountains
They called you a rebel for you silent footstep
You flew Higher above the sky like a hawk flying towards chicken babies
Your truly sound cause us to tremble but with no way to hide
You cause us to tremble when you darkening the South Africa up and down
The thunder rumbling
It shakes all directions
It shakes Durban and causes us to mumble as it is a new thing
Grow up Bank of the Banks
Grow up until you touch the sky
Grow up even if they cast obstacles on you
Turn the obstacles into you catalyst to accelerate your activities.
The Africa that is hungry will be saved by the by African Bank.
You are like a cow that produces an everlasting cream of milk
We trust you in our Africa Unity
All nations will Bow down to African Rain.
All nations will be judge by you
You are the queen of South African Rain
When it is dry the woman top up the mountains and they ask you for rain
You give the rain as it is instructed
They talk about globalization and global warming
But we shall never experience weather draught in South Africa
That is because we have our King NOMKHUBULWANE who will always listen to our rain songs and brings us rain for food
South African King of Rain: we don’t see you but witness your presence
Hear and there they challenge the Zulu Kingdom
But there is no one who will ever challenge the kingdom of the Queen of Rain
I feel the tears of sorrow
These are the tears of sorrow over African Child who has come to accept all forms of western religions
Africa you have forget that you have supernatural power of the spirits that was inherited from your past heroes
The power is always there if you need them.
I believe in Africa
I believe in Shaka and Dindane
I believe in Nomkhubulwane
I believe in Africa Venomas
Africa HA HA HA Earthquakes and Tornadoes no more in South Africa
Demons no more in South Africa
We are the chiefs of security spirits
Even human evaluated hear and spread elsewhere
So we are more than human but fore ancestors
Do you think the spirit of human origin must have disappeared within a period of few million years
NO if so no anyone could have continue to live
For if the cornerstone or foundations of the house fall the whole building fall down.
Thank you Africa thank
I am thanking you that I was born in your Island
For I have already inherited the spirits of human making characters
I was not there when you made the man character
But I believe you had your own supernatural undiscovered characteristics
Say what you need to say there is nothing that can challenge the supernatural spirit of Africa.
Come Africa: Woza shembe

Come Africa: Woza Mangosuthu Buthelezi

Come Africa: Woza Goodwill Zwelithini Zulu

Come Africa, Come Shaka Zulu


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