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Thy Kingdom Undone

In Africa the lion is no more
The jungle not his home
For he now opens a door
The corridors of power he is seen to roam

In Africa the monkey has left his tree
The fur traded for a suit
He now likes to travel, this for free
Along the way of the gravy route

In Africa there once flew a merciless vulture
The vast fields his hunting ground
He now nests in a place devoid of his own culture
The city the place he is well reknowned

In Africa the snake no longer hides in the grass
The slippery tongue he uses to orate
To mislead the masses and impress top brass
And then accuse others of political farce

In Africa bird and beast are all but gone
Having taken on new and deceitful charm
In Africa the kingdom has come undone
The new bird and beast doing irreparable harm.

Martino Fortuin

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