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Not Really Alone

Sitting on the windowsill
staring out, into the stars
letting all dreams pass me by
breath by breath
I dream on

dreams of the future,
memories of the past
Sitting here and dreaming
in an unbreakable trance

Blocking the world from my heart
staying locked in my room
loneliness starts to creep in
My wish to be alone is finally come true
but now I’m bored what to do?

loosing hope in all humanity
loosing hope ill ever come back
I enter into the endless times of dreams

but now I’m stuck I cant get out
wishing to break free
trying to find a way back
to reality

I wished to be alone
and alone I have to conquer
no one can save me
now as I had wished for
all is up to me

I sit by the corner trying to think
but instead come tears
wishing for a second chance
but in the moment of my despair
came a hand of aide

I look up to see a smiling face
of hope so lost, and nothing to hang on to
I grab the hand and let it lift me up
in the moment
with the touch of his hand
it was God’s smiling face and touch
that made me smile

for God is always there
always by my side
I pushed him far away
but instead he just stood there
waiting for me to ask for help
to admit my defeat
he was the one who got me back on my feat

He never really left me
even though I try to block him and the world out
a friend would’ve left me
respect my privacy
but a best friend would stay
and never leave
they truly love and when despair comes
won’t let you have it your way.

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