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My America

I was thinkin’ about my country
when i boarded that big plane.
I turned around and i saw beauty
as far I could see.

I am proud to be going
to help fight to keep her free.
That’s the reason that i’m on my way
That’s what she expects of me.

Said i’d be comin back soon
and get down on my knees.
I’ll kiss the soil i’m standin on,
This land of the brave and free.

My America
My America
God gave this land to me.
My America
My America
Where i’m blessed and i’m still free.

There were many close calls
every where I turned.
I seemed to avoid it all,
but this one time i learned,
I won’t be coming home.
The Lord said He needed me
the reason for my bein gone
only you will see

So if I had the chance to ask you
to do one thing for me.
Stand up tall, walk outside
and kiss the soil for me.

My America
My America
God gave this land to me
My America
My America
where I’m blessed and I’m still free.

Thank God for America
I can be what I wanna’ be
In America
My America
for you and me

My america
My america
God gave this land to me
my America
my america
where im blessed
and im still free

mary missildine

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