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One Angel

One angel, its wings spread out
colliding with the speed of sound,
One angel, that shone brighter
than the moon cratered by eternal night,
One angel, with beauty that made all the,
flowers shed there pedals out of jealously,
One angel, it’s hands soft and warming
like the embrace of the suns nova ray’s,
One angel, it’s voice echo’s through your mind
hitting every sense of safety into bloom,
One angel, with eyes that ate out
the vision of anything else but them in your sight,
One angel, it’s touch like that of a dimming
candle penetrating your skin with warmth and delight,
One angel, that breathes everything
into you so you can stay alive,
One angel, that holds onto your soul
in the treasure box called her own,
One angel, is all you need
to have a eternal paradise in your soul,
One angel, you only see once in life,
One angel, thats yours to own,
One angel, made for me and you,

Daniel Filippov

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