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The Root Of All Evil

The root of all evil,
Dwells in your heart.
Towards me,
For what I have done.

As time passes,
The anger grows,
Until it has engulfed your,
Entire mind, soul and,
Your entire being.

Irrationality goes hand in hand,
With the anger you,
Conceal in your very,
Troubled heart.
Irrationally you judge,
Irrationally you blame,
But I have irrationally acted,
And I know I have hurt you.

In my own anger,
I have pierced the heart,
That I once cared for,
The heart I once held close,
To my own,
But now that heart,
I have torn.

The words I said,
Have been forgotten,
The anger I felt,
Has been relived,
But you broken still,

I am truly sorry,
For my harsh words and,
For my rash actions,
They were only in anger,
And anger,
Is the root of all evil.

Victoria Wozniczka

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