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Through the darkness, through the mist
I cannot find the one I trust,
With pain in my heart, thoughts flooding my head,
I know deep down in my heart I must.
I see the belief that others hold,
The truth that they perceive,
The fear in their eyes of things untold,
The need in them to believe.
The belief that love will overcome,
Is the dream of a fool unknown,
I may seem cold and heartless, but,
My heart has been turned to stone.
I’ve been hurt before, been strung along,
Of course it was not by you,
But the fear of my heart being broken again,
Leaves me not knowing what to do.
I did not give my heart away,
It was taken by a thief,
I’m trying so very hard right now,
To suspend my disbelief.
The hurt that she inflicted on me,
Was too much for my heart to bear,
I’ve toughened up, become immune,
Tried to show that I don’t care.
I’m not happy doing this,
But it’s my only way to survive,
To be strong and to believe in myself,
Is going to help me stay alive.
The poor fools who believe all that,
That love will conquer all,
I feel sorry for all those people,
‘Cause they are heading for a fall.
I would like to be proved wrong you know,
And be shown it can be done,
That by believing in love wholeheartedly,
My fears can be overcome.


Pauline McVicar

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