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Tears For Your Birthday

Happy birthday brother,
It’s the big double digits
Your cake is yummy chocolate
It’s been your favorite since six.

My baby brother it’s a big day
I wish you could get presents
But your friends forget today
And mum’s tears have drowned it.

I sing the song without their help
And look you in the eye
I wish I could see you smiling
And wish I wouldn’t cry.

I take a piece of cake, it’s too big for one
I put some in front of your face
I wait till you eat it up
But your face is frozen in place.

I’m starting to get frustrated
Telling you to eat and eat
I even get so angry and mad
That I stand from my tattered seat.

“Eat it now, it’s your birthday!”
I yell and scream
But your face is mocking back at me
This fantasy is just another dream.

“Happy birthday my brother,
I hope you can see me now
I hope you’re looking down from heaven
And notice my unhappy frown.”


Shaedow Poet

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